Volunteers are always needed in our centre. With volunteers, we can provide more personalized attention to our frail elderly with mobility problems. We aim to do this so that they enjoy greater independence and better quality of life. Come volunteer with us and see what a difference it makes to them and to YOU! All you need is a caring and compassionate heart. Die kirche von england , die bald als anglikanische der ghostwriter trailer german kirche bezeichnet wurde, war jetzt eine national- bzw… Currently, Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly has about 300 active volunteers (individuals, organisations and schools) from all walks of life who partner us in different programmes and projects. These are some activities our volunteers do:

  • Facilitate seniors to participate in the day-to-day in-centre activities
  • Facilitate seniors in outings (1 volunteer to 1 senior in a wheelchair)
  • Special talents to engage the seniors (eg. newspaper reading in dialects, art therapy, TCM, massage to relief pain, singing & entertainment,…)




If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities with us, please fill up this application form and email it to us at  or call us at 6273 4510.

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