Elderly clients at Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre For Elderly (ADRC) had a fun time on Monday, 10 October 2016 at 10.30am. to 2.00pm. It was our Carnival Day!

The Carnival.was organized by the Management of ADRC for its clients only. It was held in the Centre and the Multi-purpose Hall.

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Each client was given $20 worth of coupon money to spend at the Carnival. There were games and lots of food, cakes, jelly and savory snacks for all to buy and enjoy. The clients had to make their choices to spend within $20 each especially with so many interesting games and delicious food and snacks in their sight.

The clients were competitive at games aiming to collect points for exchange of prizes. They enjoyed the food, cakes, savory and all. One client spent all his coupon money in games. Fortunately for him, his colleague helped him and paid his food for lunch.


IMG_2439 (003)

Towards the end of the Carnival, there was a lucky draw with attractive prizes. The clients were all excited and listened attentively to their numbers being drawn. It was amazing that they were able to remember the numbers – these numbers were at least 4-digits as they were recycled coupons from our last fund-raising food fair.

The objective of the Carnival was to give opportunities to the clients to make choices and to spend within their budget. It was a cognitive therapy for them.

Volunteers sponsored some of the food and helped to man the food stalls. Staff also had a great time looking after the clients and enjoying the games and food.

Let the photographs of the Carnival speak for themselves!

Zu ihrem privatleben hält sich eisenmann, die von freunden nanni genannt wird, weitgehend bedeckt

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