Centre Manager: Sr Marjorie Almodiel
Apex Day Rehabilitative Centre for the Elderly is managed by a Management Committee made up of volunteers.

Chairman: How Kian Soon
Vice Chairman
Haja Zafarullah
Honorary Secretary: Tham Yuk Hang, David
Honorary Treasurer: Kang Hak Leng
Committee Members:
  1. Chen Hui Wen
  2. Dr James Alvin Low Yiew Hock
  3. Woo Sui Kee
  4. Lim Chai Ming
  5. Wee Joo Wah, Rosalind
  6. Sr Theresa Koh Tee Ling Sah
  7. Goh Yuh Lin, Elaine
  8. Tan Yu-Wen
  9. Seah Bak Choon

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