Patient’s care is of primary concern for the Centre. Being a Day Care Centre, we provide a range of social and rehabilitation activities for the elderly based on the guidelines by the Ministry of Health. Such services include medical, nursing, rehabilitation, meals, transport and other social activities. Our day care services run from 7am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Medical Clinics

All new patients to be admitted to the Centre must undergo a medical assessment to determine the suitable type of program. Clinics are organized to provide medical assessment for inpatients so as to monitor their progress following admission to the Centre. The assessment is also aimed at planning future care options. This enables us to advise family members and carers about patients’ progress.


Nursing Services

Nursing care is provided for all patients depending on their individual needs. These include medication, monitoring of blood pressure and physical status, urine check, monitoring of diabetic state and counseling activities.



Our full-time therapists on regular basis provide this service. Individualized and group therapy sessions are provided. The therapist will prescribe appropriate additional exercise programs to patients who can exercise independently at the Day Centre with only supervision by the Nurse or Therapist Aide. Rehabilitation services are of 2-3 hours duration per session.


Physiotherapy is aimed at optimizing and maintaining the patients’ functional status. It emphasizes on prevention and reduction of functional disabilities/disorders resulting from injuries and/or debilitating medical conditions.



SAM_0267Day Respite Care

This service is aimed at providing a period of relief (respite) for the carers of long term care patients. Respite care will provide the carers with a well deserve break.


SAM_0315Caregiver Training

This service is aimed at training the caregivers the necessary skills to look after the patients at home.



FallPreventionFalls Prevention Program

This service is provided to help patients assess the fall risks at home. Home visit might be made and suggestions on home modification might be provided.



SAM_0189Transport Service

We provide transport for patients (within the catchment area) to our centre and return:

  • Wheelchair = $10 per round trip
  • Non-Wheelchair = $6 per round trip
  • Caregiver = $2 per round trip


  1. Financial aid for Day care and Rehab services under MOH subsidy / Apex charity dollar.
  2. Use of Medisave for rehab services allowed subject to rules and regulations.

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