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Welcome to the Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly website. Whether you are here on purpose or by accident, we are delighted to welcome you. We hope you would have a pleasant time here. Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly was set up as a pilot project by the National Council of Social Service in 1980. It was adopted by the National Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore and assisted by Sisters from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Von einem leichteren abitur will tullner aber nicht sprechen… We provide services and care to the frail and disabled elderly as well as their carers and family members. With the continuing support from both the government, many generous benefactors and volunteers, we’ve expanded our services to include the Apex Rehabilitation Centre. If you’re looking for suitable services for your loved ones, please feel free to navigate through this website to gain a basic understanding of our centre first. If you feel like knowing more about us, please make an appointment with me at 62734510 so that I can show you our facilities and take you through a tour of our centre. If you’re looking for suitable volunteering work, please make an appointment with me at the same number so that we can discuss the areas of your interest in greater details. If you would like to donate in cash or in-kind, please contact me at 6273 4510 about your good intentions. Your generosity will help us extend more services to more old and needy people in our community. Thank you and God Bless. Yours sincerely,

Sr Marjorie Almodiel

Manager, Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly.

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